100 Clairvoyant Wiccan Psychic Reading Sites

There are thousands of psychic reading networks, websites, blogs, forums and other outlets on the internet.  Trying to find the right one is difficult!  We’re helping by helping giving you the top 100 Clairvoyant, Wiccan, Psychic and Tarot Reading sites on the web.

Top Psychic Networks Offering Free Psychic Readings or Cheap Psychic Readings

1. Oranum

Oranum is undeniably the top source of psychic readings, tarot readings and psychic chat.  They are also one of the few sites that offer free psychic readings and free tarot readings online.  Click on the title above or the banner below to get a free psychic chat session with one of their psychics! Check them out!

Free Psychic Readings

2. Psychic Source

If Oranum is the top psychic network, then PsychicSource is number 2.  While their psychics rival those of Oranum, their site isn’t quite as easy to use as Oranum and they’re free tarot readings online aren’t as easy to find.  They are still worth a look though if you need some cheap – instead of free psychic readings!

3. Hollywood Psychics

Hollywood Psychics is another fantastic psychic network.  If you are looking for a good psychic reading at a reasonable rate, they are worth looking into!

4. Kasamba

Kasamba used to be LivePerson Psychics, but they changed their name back in 2013 to reflect a more psychic oriented site and are now one of the top online psychic networks, specializing in email readings, online psychic readings and online tarot readings.

5. AskNow

Another psychic network with a good reputation, AskNow seems to have a good deal of positive feedback from those who have used the service.  I’m not sure if they still offer free psychic readings or not.

6. California Psychics

While I have heard some complaints about them recently, I they are one of the longest surviving online psychic networks and you might want to click on them.

7. Leonna Bear Tarot Reading

A fantastic resource

8. Real Psychic Info

Another great resource site for information on psychic networks of all sorts.  If you are serious about finding the best psychic reading, check out their reviews.

9.Tarot Psychic Medium

I love the layout of this site and the information they have is really top notch.  Check them out!

10. Indigo Azure Psychic Readings

While they are a newer site, there is a good collection of interesting information on their site!

The Other 90 Sites Offering Cheap or Free Psychic Readings and Tarot Readings

Those are the top 10 Wiccan, Psychic Reading and Tarot Reading sites in our collection.  We will list the others, but will not comment on all of them. If you find any broken links or if you believe that there should be additions to the list.

11. http://www.horoscopeettarot.com/


13. http://www.hannahseatonton.com/

14. http://www.patbayreflective.com/








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